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The Client

Sanatan Dharam Mandir approached us prior to their building work commencing. They required us to help them develop an identity, website for devotees to get information from on the temple, design of reciept books, letter heads, and much more.

The Solution

1. Research into Hinduism symbols to use on the logo to indicate that it is a Hindu Temple
2. Speak with the Temple trustees to understand their exact requirements for the products and what they wish to achieve from them
3. Design and develop the products

The Result

Using all our information from research into Hinduism, we chose the Lotus as our symbol to be used in the logo to represent the religion. It was clean, simple, easy to remember and attractive 

Sanatan Dharam Mandir

From here we were able to design other products such as letter heads, receipt books, etc 

Sanatan Dharam Mandir


Lastly, the website was developed with all the required information on the temple. We also added some additional features that allowed the temple to list upcoming cultural and religous events to allow their devotees to gain this information rather than having to ring priests or others to find it

Sanatan Dharam Mandir

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