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The Client

After some complication with the previous chain, Amit decided to create his own brand and logo. We were required to produce a new business name and logo that accurately portrayed the personality Amit was aiming to show as well as allowing the customers to know what the business was all about

The Solution

1. Research the industry to understand the type of customers the business will target and the type of products that it will sell
2. Check competitors in the market to see what they have selected as names and what kind of personality they are trying to portray
3. Properly speak with Amit to understand what personality he wishes to portray
4. Plan names and allow the customer to select their favourite
5. Plan and generate a logo following the same procedures as that was used for the business name

The Result

Through our research we were able to identify the type of customers that the business will deal with and target most often. Using this knowledge we saw that they needed a business name that was very simple and allowed the customers to identify the type of business it was (Supplement Store) as well as portraying the personality that Amit required which was the business being about the people for the peopleĀ 

Taking all this into account we produced the name MySupps and the following logo