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The Client

When Naveen approached us, the business was in it's start up stages. Having just come up with the busniess name he required us to help him develop a logo, a website and business cards to help him attract customers to the new business.

The Solution

1. Research the industry to understand the type of customers the business will target and the type of products that it will sell
2. Check competitors in the market to see how they are portraying themselves. What their websites are like, etc
3. Properly speak with Naveen to understand what fully his requirements and what he wants from each product that we are supplying him
4. Using all the information gathered develop the logo, website and business cards

The Result

Through thorough research and discussions with Naveen we were able to come up with some great results to help him get started in the digital world and provide a boost to his business. 

The logo we designed was one that reflected what the business was about, was attractive, easy to read and easy to remember. 

Joshi Automotive and Tyres

From here we designed some simple, yet elegant business cards that Naveen could use to allow holders of these to contact Naveen or find him easily.

Joshi Automotive and Tyres

Lastly, we developed a modern website that was easy to use, looked attractive and carried all the modern features to work optimally and efficiently on all modern devices.

joshi automotive

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